What our Methodology is about

We're more than just "silky mitts"
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On-Ice Conditioning

Drills geared towards improving your individual skill set. These sessions will aim to improve your individual abilities, while making you a better all around player
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Off-Ice Conditioning

Our dryland and strength training focus on three main areas; explosiveness, agility, and power. We reform our levels of difficulty and strain based on the player's physical development. This enables each player to get the most out of our system, regardless of their development level.
Elite Hockey helped me realize there's more to the game than pretty goals. Their system helped me realize that by playing the game my way I can still have a tremendous impact between the glass

Steve Corda New York Islanders

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Hockey Skills and Techniques
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Easily the most overlooked discipline for young athletes, we will show you what it takes to fuel your body while in season and during off season workouts. What you put into your body will directly effect what you put out as a player
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We at Elite Hockey employ some of the smartest hockey minds in the area. By studying film in a classroom setting, we enable you to see the game from an objective point-of-view. Leading to a deeper understanding of systems and individual responsibilities on the ice
I owe my career to the hockey skills and techniques I learned at Elite Hockey. The understand the game is won just as much off the ice, as it is on.

Austin Sands New Jersey Devils

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Hockey Skills and techniques